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Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair

What’s in the mind of the neo-nazi next-door?

A film by Angélique Kourounis

Documentary, 90′.

Distribution languages: English | French | Greek | German


My partner in life is a Jew, one of my sons is gay, another is an anarchist, and I am a left-wing feminist as well as a daughter of immigrants. If Golden Dawn comes to power our only problem will be which wagon they will put us on.

A journalist is delving for years into the organization of the Greek neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn”.

The financial collapse, the political instability and the family relations are placed into the spotlight as the documentary is trying to discover “what’s in the head of GoldenDawners, who pose as victims” of the system.

Golden Dawn “never hid” its ideology. Its influence in the polls might have been almost nonexistent previously, but the compatibility of this ideology with unshakeable beliefs in Greece – cultivated by many clergymen and most of the Media and political system – is the fertile ground on which the organization flourishes.

The director is looking into the matter through her personal obsessions, her concerns and fears, after dedicating many years and another two television documentaries in approaching the neo-Nazi party, which has taken the third position in Greece’s political system after three decades of obscure but bloody activity.



Angélique Kourounis


Angélique Kourounis

Thomas Iacobi


English: Alexia Eastwood

French & Greek: Angélique Kourounis

German: Dinah Geiger


Dionissis Goutzouris

Angélique Kourounis

Thomas Iacobi


François Chevré

Antonios Dimopoulos

Jean Christophe Georgoutsos

Thomas Iacobi

Angélique Kourounis

Thésée Bitter Kourounis

Yiannis Misouridis

Georgos Paterakis


Thomas Iacobi

Editing / Post-Production / Sound engineering

Antonios Dimopoulos



Penny Psychogiou

Loukas Stamellos


Alexia Eastwood

Loukas Stamellos

Petros Stergiou


Dinah Geiger

Spanish & Catalan

Cultius Culturals


Filippo Bugnoli

Christos Sakellariou


Ilias Panayiotaros – Golden Dawn M.P.

Christos Zervas – Golden Dawn Internal Security

Ourania Michaloliakos –  Golden Dawn MP – Leader of party youth

Yiannis & Stella Svengos

Ilias Kasidiaris – Golden Dawn M.P. – In charge of GD’s Ideology sector

Haris Mexas – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group

Ioulia Mexas – Family of Haris Mexas

Marianthi Mexas – Family of Haris Mexas

Yonus Mohammadi MD – Former President of the Afghan Community in Greece

Din Mohammad – Victim of racist attack

Konstantina Stamatiou – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group

Maria Kefalas – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group – Women’s Front – Green Wing

Soultana Karalis – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group

Zeta Heliotis – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group

Yannis Paplomatas – Actor

Thodoris Eleftheriadis – Actor

Pavlos – Metropolitan Bishop of Sisanion and Siatista (Orthodox Church of Greece)

“Kyriakos” – Former Golden Dawn member

Dimitris Kousouris – Historian – Victim of attack by Golden Dawn

Aris Hadjistefanou – Journalist

Ilias Nikolakopoulos – Pr. of Sociology – University of Athens

Symeon Kedikoglou – New Democracy (conservative) MP – Government Spokesperson (2014)

Dimitris Psarras – Journalist – Author: “The Black Book of Golden Dawn”

Thanos Dokos – Dr. of International Relations & Strategy – Cambridge

Production Manager

Loukas Stamellos

Executive Producers (crowdfunding)

Michael Yanneskis

Petros Karaiskakis

Michalis Michaloliakos

Sesi Karagiannidis

Ehab Lotayef

Kyriakos Hadjistefanou


Promotion & Publicity


Graphics Design

Vincent Vaury

Antonios Dimopoulos

Original Soundtrack

Antonios Dimopoulos


An OmniaTV production

co-production: Arte, Yemaya Productions

with the support of

Reporters without Borders,  Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Office in Greece, Hellenic League of Human Rights

Charlie Hebdo, Econostrum, UNFOLLOW, Politis

Tasos Agapinos, Vasilis Alexakis, Fotis Alexakos, Lale Atatli, Jannekeyn Axelle, Odile Bailly du Bois

Theodoros Boukas, Jean-François Devanneaux, Alexandros Dimopoulos, Frédéric Dubessy

Maik Fielitz, Xristos Frouzakis, Manina Fotopoulos, Michel Godicheau, Claude Guellec, Michail Karatzoglou

Odysseas Karydis, Hector Kollias, Spyridon Kollias, Jocelyn Maixent, Catherine Marcopoulos, Grigoris Mavrakis

Christine Moncla, Toulzac Nicolas, Aggelos Nikolaou, Ioannis Petridis, Spyros Petritis, Zohar Regev

Gareth Rees, Manos Sfakakis, Dimitris Tsimpogiannis, Georgios Vasilopoulos,  Konstantina Zarnavelis

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Tim A, tosofopaidi, Tur

and hundreds of others who supported the production, both online and offline

Special thanks:

To Aris Hadjistefanou for his courtesy material from his short documentary “Golden Dawn party infiltrates Greece’s police, claims senior officer” for the newspaper The Guardian

Shots from the evening of the elections of May 6 2012 were filmed by Nicolia Apostolou for the film “DEMOKRATIA, CHEMIN DE CROIX” by Marc Gastine, produced by Minimal Films.