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  • Online premiere

    Press release Online premiere of the documentary “Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair” After a year of screenings in Greece and many other countries in the world, Angélique Kourounis’ documentary film “Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair – What’s in the mind of the neo-nazi next-door?” will be available online on Saturday, May 20 2017, at 23:00 […]

  • Hellas Filmbox Berlin

    Our documentary continues its journey through local screenings and film festival selections. After the recent award in PriMed in Marseilles, we are selected for the programme of Hellas Filmbox Berlin (January 18-22). One of the parallel events of the festival, will be a public discussion titled “Political Cinema today: Outdated or more relevant than ever?”. In […]

  • Athens Premiere

    Angélique Kourounis and OmniaTV are pleased to invite you in the Athens premiere of the documentary Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair What’s in the mind of the neo-Nazi next-door? Thursday, April 21 2016 at 20:30 in MIKROKOSMOS cinema (106 Syngrou ave., Athens – metro station “Syngrou-Fix”) Language: Greek The screening will be followed by discussion […]

  • First official selections in festivals

    First official selections in festivals

    Hello, friends and supporters! We are pleased to inform you that our documentary has had its two first official selections in the Lyon International Film Festival and in the 18th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

  • Update: Crowdfunding and next steps

    Hello, friends and supporters! Now that our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is closed, we would like to give you an update on how we will proceed from now on.

  • Ανακοίνωση: ανακρίβεια σε δημοσίευμα της εφημερίδας Real News σχετικά με το ντοκυμανταίρ

  • Director’s statement

    How can a racist party that was getting less than 0.2% of the vote for years, enter parliament with 18 MPs? How can a party that promotes violence, hate, sexism and murders amplify its reach after each pogrom? How can Golden Dawn, when in France it could never exist – in the same way -, […]

  • First trailer & crowdfunding

    Today, we are publishing the first trailer in English, French and Greek, the languages in which the documentary will be initially released.

  • Summary & Details

    Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair What’s in the mind of the neo-nazi next-door? A film by Angélique Kourounis Documentary, 90′. Distribution languages: English | French | Greek | German Summary: