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  • “Aube dorée” au Rex: fiction ou réalité? La Grèce était à l’honneur jeudi dernier au Rex avec un ciné débat spécial sur le parti nationaliste «Aube dorée» autour de deux films présentés par leurs réalisateurs. Ainsi, « Aube dorée, une affaire personnelle » d’Angélique Kourounis, traite du parti néonazi hellène via ses obsessions, ses peurs. La réalisatrice, correspondante de Radio-France, et […]

  • Nationalities Papers – The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity / Sofia Typaldou

    Article originally published [here] on November 6 2017. In the spring of 2017, when I was interviewing Golden Dawn followers for a research project, some of the movement activists that I encountered refused to be interviewed because of “that film that just came out.” As I later learned, they were referring to the documentary by […]

  • Victor Fraga / (31/05/2016)

    Review published on Can you be impartial when your family integrity is at stake? Documentary investigates the rise of the far-right in Greece, police complacency and the implications for foreigners and for liberal activists living in the Balkan nation. Partiality is central to journalism. Even if you have strong ideological convictions and political affiliations, […]

  • (Angeliki Stellaki – 18/03/2016)

    In one of the most talked about documentaries at the 18th Thessaloniki Film Festival, Angelique Kourounis tries to understand what is in the mind of the Golden Dawn supporter next door. And her report is shocking and worrying. “How can one be impartial in my place? My partner in life is Jewish, one of my […]

  • Euronews (Giorgos Mitropoulos – 16/3/2016)

    18th Thessaloniki Film Festival: Golden Dawn under the microscope of Angelique Kourounis Angelique Kourounis’ “Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair” has provoked several discussions at this year’s documentary film festival, capturing in sharp detail the phenomenon of Golden Dawn in Greece through interviews with supporters and party leaders. Her intention in this, her third film is […]

  • Exostispress (Greece – 16/3/2016)

    By Sotiria Papantoniou Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair – What’s in the mind of the neo-Nazi next door? Angélique Kourounis’ documentary about the existence and the rise of nationalist party Golden Dawn is indeed a personal affair, but one which affects us all as citizens of the country and as citizens of the world. From […]

  • CINEPIVATES (Greece – 16/03/2016)

    Angelique Kourounis, with courage and patience, has for years been following the activities of the Golden Dawn party. The assault squads, demonstrations, what happens in their local meetings, and especially what is in the mind of the Golden Dawner next door.

  • MOVE IT / A.K. (Greece – 16/03/2016)

    The journalist Angelique Kourounis (best known for her work in French in mediums such as Charlie Hebdo, TV5 Monde, Group Radio France), and a Greek resident since 1985, presented at this year’s Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki the film “Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair” dealing with the rise of the Greek fascist party.

  • (Greece – 03/03/2016)

    Local offerings at the 18th Thessaloniki doc fest Angelique Kourounis’s latest documentary on Golden Dawn, Greece’s infamous neo-Nazi party, has an inevitable existential quality: “My partner in life is a Jew, one of my sons is gay, another is an anarchist and I am a left-wing feminist as well as a daughter of immigrants. If […]

  • Jewniverse (online – 01/03/2016)

    How One Greek Woman is Exposing Trump’s Fascist Kindred Spirits Five years ago, when journalist and filmmaker Angélique Kourounis began trailing Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party, it wasn’t simply because she wanted to expose the political organization’s neo-Nazi and fascist beliefs—they do that on their own. Kourounis covered them because, for her, it was personal.

  • Broadly – Vice (online – 23/02/2016)

    Interview with Julie Tomlin, published on Vice’s Broadly [note: with a somewhat exaggerated title chosen by the website’s editor that we think does not represent the actual content] How One Filmmaker Infiltrated a Notorious Neo-Nazi Movement For Five Years ‘Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair’ director Angélique Kourounis spent years tailing the Greek neo-Nazi political party […]

  • Periódico Diagonal (Spain – 21/01/2016)

    “La crisis por sí sola no explica el auge de Amanecer Dorado” Hablamos con la directora de ‘Golden Dawn: a personal affair’, trabajo que retrata al partido neonazi griego. Ter García 21/01/16 · 8:00 Amanecer Dorado nunca ocultó su ideología de corte neonazi. A pesar de ello, desde 2012 es el tercer partido de Grecia en […]